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An Introduction to Awakening

by Zen Gardner

The waking up process is a very personal experience. Once we become aware of the existence of a fabricated world we thought to be real and that our true nature is anything but what we’ve been told, there’s no turning back. Continue reading An Introduction to Awakening

Six Historical Facts About Rasputin

Facts About The Sexual Deviant Everyone Should Know

By: Funda Tolan

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Continue reading Six Historical Facts About Rasputin

Whoa, what a photo

No Gods. No Masters

this is a photograph from Rachel Escoto, it is quite a unique photo, it was taken after a cyclone wiped through a town in Central Coast, CA. The photo in itself makes you ask, what god would let this happen, the words “No Gods No Masters” show the barbarism in nature.

Escoto.R (n.d.). No Gods No Masters. Retrieved from

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